Haines, Alaska

November 2009

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While traveling on the ferry to Haines, a local Haines woman told me of an eagle with white wingtips that Ron horn had photographed a few weeks before and was published in the local paper. I figured the chance of spotting one particular eagle out of the thousands was impossible, but I promised to keep my eyes open to looking for it. I found that eagle in the Chilkoot River State Park.

I find this particular unusual markings most becoming. It is a beautiful bird. Rather than being abnormal, it appears to many as though all eagles wingtips were meant to be white. In fact, many experienced eagle watchers do not immediately notice the white wingtips. The white looks like it just belongs there. The white claws on its talons are different, too. I soon myself spending hours in the State park just to get another glimpse and possible image of this beautiful bird. Soon other photographers joined the search and vigil.

Sitting, the bird looks like any other, unless you can see its claws. Its wingtips tucked close to its white tail feathers.

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